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One of the best things I’ve ever done for my business is spend time with my brother.

He thinks differently than anyone else I know. His years of business experience, starting a creative agency (they’re hiring, btw), being a faithful Catholic, and genuinely caring about my success (among other things!) has made me intentionally seek out his advice every few months.

In our time together I lay it all out: the things I want to try, the plans I’ve started working on, the direction I hope to go. My notebook is always on the table alongside our lattes, pen in either of our hands as I take notes or he draws things to help me visualize & understand what he’s teaching me.

Having someone who walks a little ahead of me in life has helped my business grow & breathe & adapt to the things God is inviting me to explore. Having someone who cares about my mission has helped stretch my life in all kinds of good ways.

I know how hard navigating the creative waters can be. I know how lonely it can feel when there doesn’t seem to be anyone else around who gets it. And I also know my brother has spoken healing & encouragement into that area of my life.

I would love to pay forward what my brother has done for me.



I’m now offering Creative Intensives!

They’re two-hour one-on-one Skype sessions to lay out the things on your heart & then walk away with practical advice to bring those things to fruition. We talk the talk and walk the walk ’round these parts, yo.

Before the Intensive you’ll receive a questionnaire that helps me learn about you, your dreams, and what would be best to address in our time together. The session is personalized to you & what you need in this season of life!

A Creative Intensive is for you if you’re into the idea of:

  • Figuring out the problem you want to solve in the world; the thing that both breaks your heart & lights your soul on fire
  • Speaking light in a world full of darkness; using your words to share stories of hope & of how God is speaking to you
  • Learning how to document the world as you see it; choosing which moments get to stay & understanding why they’re important to you
  • Dreaming up how life could be; making decisions, setting goals, and following through on them with practical takeaways designed for you

I’ll answer your questions about photography, writing, business, social media, brainstorming, prayer – essentially, you can ask anything you want! And I get to turn the tables on you ;)

Creative Intensives are $150 & yes, you can gift them to friends!

Email laura@laura-anne.ca with the subject Creative Intensive to set up a date!

I can’t wait to explore what God has in store for you :)

PS. I know good people read this little corner of the internet, and good people hang out with good people, so if you know someone who would be interested in a Creative Intensive – the person that crossed your mind as you were reading this – please send this along to them, wouldya? Many thanks from this girl.