david & jina // engaged

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“I wasn’t even mad. I knew she was rejecting me, but all I could think about was how good she looked in that dress.”

It was quite a while – and quite a few “let’s just be friends” conversations – before David & Jina were officially a thing. He has loved her for a long time, pursuing this woman with intention while giving her space when she asked for it. She used to be unsure, asking lots of questions & analyzing all the emotions she felt, but allowing her heart to be held by David has silenced the doubts.

His patience & kindness, combined with her acceptance & encouragement, has led to this moment. David & Jina built a strong & firm foundation of friendship, wanting the best for each other in every part of their lives. They didn’t start with certainty, but love is not always certain from day one. Love is not always at first sight. 

Time & trust have been pivotal, allowing them freedom to ask the hard questions & give the hard answers. And that willingness to grow together, to say, “We’re not perfect but heck yeah let’s team up for this thing called life!” – that’s beautiful.

Cheers to an evening marking this season of being engaged! And making new memories in that dress ;)


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