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Photography has been in my life for six years now. I’ve poured myself into this business, continually refining it into what I feel God is entrusting to me, being refined by the process along the way, too. I’ve learned the importance of knowing why I pick up a camera & I can’t tell you enough how that has made all the difference. It began with knowing myself, what makes me come alive, & it has influenced all aspects of my work.

I know the stories I want to tell.

I’ve also learned the importance of knowing my craft. My gear doesn’t distract from fully experiencing the things I’m photographing. If anything, I’m more aware of the people in front of me because of the camera in my hands. That has helped me tell better stories, both with my images & my words. And for me, those things are married together.

Now I want to share what I’ve learned… IN A WORKSHOP!!! 

Seriously, I am sooo excited about this. It’s been weeks of dreaming & now here we are – actually putting it out there!!

You see, I want you to feel confident telling stories, too. It’s scary to step out of your comfort zone, but I believe life’s golden moments happen when you allow yourself to be fearless. Are you in?



The only things I can share are my experiences. What works, what didn’t work, what I’m still working on. Here’s a bit of what we’ll explore:

  • My story: how I started, what I’ve learned since then, & how I figured out who I am (for the most part, at least – that’s a continuous process amiright)
  • Your story: starting to explore who you are & where you’re at now
  • Writing: why I believe words are so important & the process I use to get the words from heart to head to hands
  • Photography: why & how I photograph the way I do, including all the things you hardly ever hear me talk about, like the gear I use, natural lighting & off-camera flash, editing, etc., as well as how I attract those with stories I want to tell & how I interact with them to draw those stories out

There will ALSO be a portrait session with a real couple, a chance for you to see how I put everything into action! And you’ll be able to use the images you shoot during the session in your portfolio, too, hollaaaaa!

PLUS I’ll photograph each of the attendees so you walk away with a new headshot!! 

We’ll start with a welcome dinner/meet & greet party on Friday May 6th at 6:30pm
before the workshop
hits full speed on Saturday May 7th at 10:0am!
I think we’ll end around 8pm, but… let’s be real, it’ll go later.

My home in Langley, BC
(Travelling from out of town? Let me know!)

This workshop is aimed at all levels of photographers.
If you interact with people
through your work, this is for you.
It’s about storytelling; using your words & creating beautiful images, too. 

To give everyone the deepest experience I can offer, this workshop is limited to 10 attendees. The price for the workshop is $375 + tax, with an early bird discount of $50 off your seat if you register before April 7th!

Registration opens TOMORROW March 30th at 12pm PST!! Email laura@laura-anne.ca to be the first to hear when registration goes live!

For anything else, check out The Workshop.


If you know a photographer who would be interested, please share this with them, okay? I would greatly appreciate it!! Thank yooou!!


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