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“I have about five years of school left, but we’re getting married anyway!”

Adam laughed, smiling at his soon-to-be wife as they shared a bit about their future plans with friends I had just introduced them to. We stood in the lobby of the hotel in Montreal after doing Adam & Colette’s engagement photos, everyone else bustling around us as 2015 quickly drew to a close.

It was a big question these two asked each other while dating; how long do we wait to get engaged? To get married? Do we wait until a certain magical age? Until every bit of schooling possible is done? If living in line with God’s will is the most important thing to us, and our vocation is the best way to help us do that, why are we waiting?

Colette’s dad – a wise man, y’all – gave her this piece of advice:

“Shape your life around your vocation.

Don’t try to fit your vocation into your life.”

Why are we waiting?

When we live to do God’s will first, there’s no cookie cutter way to go about life. Getting a degree, working right out of school, moving across the country, staying in our hometown, taking the 9-5, working on the dream – the order of anything doesn’t really matter when we’re letting go of our plans & allowing God to work in us every day.

If we’re called to marriage, why wait?

Goals are good. God’s plan is better.

Adam & Colette; engaged.


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